A very unique twist on superhero’s and Erotic spun together. Check it out and let me know what you all think.

Orgasmic Control – As he is needed for help he forces the bad guys to have a severe orgasm that makes them unable to control their body for a moment while he is able to disarm them, cuff them and hand them over to the police. In essence sexual mind control. https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/sf-fantasy/sploodge

Wedding Planner – to be released in the next month.

Check out this excerpt from my upcoming novel that centers around a group of boys who find all sorts of happy endings.


I was sitting alone at the bar at the Eagle when a boy came up and introduced himself as Andy. Andy was six foot one inch tall, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes with long lashes. Andy was lean and looked amazing in his Calvin Klein jeans and novelty T-shirt. Andy’s shirt said Horny, but not Stupid. I laughed and told him I loved it.

Andy and I drank for nearly an hour, sipping on Crown and Coke and chatting about everything under the sun. Andy told me he was bi-curious and had never been with a guy before. I asked him what made him think he was curious. Andy then told me he got excited when he saw other dudes naked in the shower and figured he needed to explore all of his options. I told him that’s different, usually bi-curious means horny, and there are no girls around to fuck. 

At 2:00 am, when the bar was closing, I invited Andy back to my place to continue drinking and having our conversation. As the drinks continued, Andy got really loosened up, and I lay my head in his lap while we talked. I could feel his stiff cock attempting to force its way out of his jeans. Being the blunt gay boy I am, I said, “I can feel your cock on the side of my face, do you mind if I see it.” Andy smiled, and I sat up while he undid his belt and then the button on his pants. Andy slid his pants down a little but left his underwear on and motioned for me to continue with his hands. I didn’t wait another second. I dove in with my hands and felt his cock. 

I pulled Andy’s trouser snake out of its cage, and there in my face was an eight-inch circumcised cock. Andy kept his pubes trimmed nice and neat and only had a one-inch strip above his cock, and his balls were smooth. I stroked Andy for a few minutes, and when he didn’t act reserved about what was happening, I lowered my mouth onto his penis and took it in my mouth. 

Andy moaned and let out a few short breaths before saying, “that feels really good.” I continued to take Andy in and out of my mouth while rubbing his balls around in my right hand. I asked Andy to stand, and he obliged, and I slid his pants down the rest of the way until they were bunched at his ankles. Andy then kicked off his shoes and kicked out of his jeans. Now Andy was sitting bare ass on my couch while I went back to sucking his glorious cock. Andy had this very thick vein on the top of his cock that ran from his pelvic area all the way to the beginning of his helmet. I stroked this vein and put pressure on it, knowing it would please him. Andy continued to moan, and then he leaned in close and told me he was close. I kept sucking, and finally, he blew his load in my mouth. At this point in my life, I was already a professional cock sucker, so I swallowed every ounce of his cum. I continued to keep his cock in my mouth until I could feel it start to soften between my lips. 

As I stood up, Andy reached out and undid the button to my jeans and allowed them to drop to the floor. I kicked out of my jeans and took a seat where Andy was once sitting. Before Andy took my cock in his mouth, he looked at me and asked that I not cum in his mouth. I told him I would not dare unless he asked me. Andy started by delicately sucking on the head of my seven-inch cock. Andy’s mouth felt so warm and soft. I could tell Andy was new to this by his gentle way of sucking me. I could tell he was afraid of applying too much pressure and accidently using his teeth. Andy started to stroke me with his right hand and play with my balls with his left. Andy was a very talented first-time cock sucker. After a few moments, I told Andy I was close, and he pulled up and continued to stroke my cock with vigor, and I moaned and groaned in sheer bliss. I blew my load on my stomach and all over Andy’s hand. What really turned me on was when Andy stuck his tongue in my cum and then appeared to enjoy it because he licked the remnants from his hand and then went all the way down my cock to get any remaining from me. 

Andy left, but not before giving me his number. I called a few days later, and he didn’t answer. I never heard from Andy againt.

Broken Hearts Boys

Free Excerpt of the complete Chapter 1. Enjoy


Damn it! My leg feels like someone has been rubbing sandpaper over it for the past hour. The last thing I remember was coasting down a hill out on the bike trail and then darkness. Man, look at my bike, the front wheel is bent and it’s not rideable. Why does my leg hurt so much? Oh, where is the blood coming from, as I laid my head back down on the ground for a few minutes to get my bearings, so I could get up and get myself patched up. A few seconds later I put my hand on a small tree about 2 inches in diameter and pulled myself up on my feet. My head was spinning a little and I was trying to wrap my head around the fact I had just wrecked my bike while riding alone on the trails. The trails are a place I come to get peace from the world, I must have been going too fast. I looked back at the trail while I was walking over to my bike and noticed a point in the trail where two trees were very close together at the bottom of the hill. I must have clipped one of my pedals and lost my balance. I grabbed my water bottle off of my bike and took a big long drink and sat down a few feet away from the trail and figured I would catch my breath and see if my leg would stop hurting before I started walking back to the trailhead with my bike. My bike was pretty banged up so I would end up carrying it back to the Jeep. 

    I had been sitting on the side of the trail for about 5 minutes when another rider came down the hill and noticed me sitting on the side of the trial with my leg busted up. The rider asked if I was okay and if I needed any help. I said well my bike is pretty banged up and my leg hurts like hell, but I will be okay in a few minutes. The rider took a look at my knee and said, man, that looks kinda rough and then stated he had a first aid kit on his bike if I would like for him to take a look at it. The gentleman held out his hand for me to shake and introduced himself as Oscar. Oscar offered to take a look at my leg and informed me he was an ER nurse at Midwest Regional, which is a hospital downtown. Oscar placed one hand on the back of my calf and the other just above my knee and asked if it hurt when he moved my lower leg up and down. Oscar then said well I don’t believe anything is broken based on the range of motion you have. Oscar’s hand then touched my thigh and he said man you got a few scratches up here too. 

When Oscar touched my thigh it sent a chill up my spine, his touch was so soft and gentle. Oscar took his right hand and lifted up the leg of my shorts a little so he could get a full view of my upper thigh, then he sighed and said man this goes up pretty high. Oscar said I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but would you mind stepping off the trail a little way and pulling your shorts down so I could clean this wound so as to make sure it does not get any infection. I just about choked on my breath and said, but I am not wearing any underwear. Oscar said, I don’t figure you have anything under those shorts I have never seen before and I giggled. The burning on my skin continued so I figured I really didn’t have any choice but to allow him to take a look at my wounds. 

Oscar and I stepped off into the trees about twenty feet and left our bikes out by the trail. Oscar brought his first aid kit into the trees with him. Something about Oscar made me nervous. I was nervous while he was looking at my leg that I might get a hard-on and embarrass myself or even worse Oscar. Oscar was 5 foot 8 inches tall and about 145 pounds with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tiny bit of rough stubble on his face that was the only thing about him that made him look even close to his 25 years of age. I guessed without Oscar’s facial hair he would look like he was 17 and a die-hard runner or biker. Oscar looked at me and said Okay, can you pull your shorts down, or do you need me to help you. I laughed and said usually when someone asks me to pull my pants down we at least talk for a few minutes first and Oscar giggled. Oscar could probably tell I was nervous because I had my thumbs hooked into the waistband of my shorts and was playing with the elastic material and finally I started pulling them down. Thank God I had somehow managed to keep from getting a boner and about that time I glanced at Oscar and my eyes ran across his crotch to notice he was tenting a little. 

My cock was fully exposed and now that I noticed Oscar was getting hard in his shorts my cock started to grow a little. I immediately apologized to Oscar and he said oh it’s normal, when the penis is exposed to cooler air it tends to get hard, and then he told me I shouldn’t be embarrassed. Oscar started to examine the wound on my upper thigh and then he squirted some water on it to wash the blood and dirt away so he could get a better look. Once my wound was clean Oscar rubbed some Neosporin on the cuts and then grabbed a bandage out of his first aid kit. Oscar placed a two-inch piece of gauze on the would and then used medical tape to secure the gauze to my body. Oscar looked up into my eyes and said okay that one didn’t look so bad. Oscar then laughed and said it’s okay, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before, now pull your shorts up and let me get this one on your knee real quick before someone comes along and gets the wrong idea about what’s happening here. I let out a giggle and pulled my shorts back up to my waist. Now I was sporting a full-fledged tent in my shorts. Oscar then patched up the other cuts on my leg and made sure all the dirt and grime were washed out of them before we headed back to the trail to retrieve our bikes. Oscar and I walked together back to the trailhead and on to the parking lot. Oscar assisted me in loading my bike on my Jeep Wrangler since it was a little tall for me with my injured leg. 

After we loaded the bike Oscar clapped his hands and said well that was not so bad, was it. I smiled and offered my hand to Oscar to show my appreciation. I told Oscar it was good to meet him and he turned to head to his car and I turned to get into mine. Oscar turned around real quick and said would it be okay if I got your phone number Tyler. I said and what would an ER Nurse do with a broken rider’s phone number. Oscar said well to call and check on you later of course. I grabbed a pen and paper out of my Jeep and wrote my number down for Oscar. I thanked Oscar for helping with my leg and loading the bike. Oscar thanked me and then walked to his car and loaded his bike and left. Oscar was driving a small blue Toyota Camry with a 26.2 sticker on the rear window which confirmed my suspicions he was a runner as well as a biker. 

On my drive back into the city after meeting Oscar, a thought would come to mind about him helping patch my leg in the trees and I would laugh and think about how amazing it felt to have Oscar touching my skin. I had always had a fascination with being naked or partially exposed while in a forest. There is just something about being naked in the wilderness that makes me go crazy. I also wondered if Oscar was into men or women, maybe men and that is why he has asked for my number. I had fooled around with a boy while I was in college but I had not thought about that in quite some time. After college, I got married and was in a toxic relationship with a woman for two years before we ended things and I just decided to swear off sex of any type. I decided relationships were too much of a challenge and not worth the time and energy needed to put into them to make them work. I found myself wondering on the way home if I had real feelings for Oscar or if my attachment was just because he was nice to me and helped patch up my leg. 

Since I was forced to walk out of the trail rather than ride it was nearly 8:00 pm when I arrived back at the house, so dinner was going to be a little late tonight. Allison from a few doors down was supposed to come over for dinner and had called five times already. I don’t like to be bothered while riding so I had left my phone at home. After picking up my phone and remembering Allison I called her back and explained what had happened. Allison came over to my apartment immediately to check on me. I think Allison has the hots for me, but I only want to be her friend. I just have not been able to bring myself to telling her just yet. After ensuring to Allison that everything is fine and I didn’t need her to help me in the shower or to my bed, I was finally able to relax for a few minutes and check to see what had been going on around the world by checking out social media. While surfing the web and answering a few emails I could not get Oscar off my mind. I mean it was obvious we had a connection based on the fact we had both sported erections while he was doctoring up my wounds in the trees. I felt a familiar tingle in my loins and glanced down to notice just thinking about Oscar had me tenting my shorts again. 

Erections, while you’re home alone, are easy to remedy, but what did it mean that while thinking about Oscar I kept getting hard. I put my hand down my shorts and palmed my erection and wandered what Oscar would look like with his shorts around his ankles in the tree line. I continued to touch my cock and try to get the thoughts of Oscar out of my mind because thinking of Oscar like that was wrong. That was the reason I had only acted on my homosexual thoughts the one time when I was younger. Being raised in a Southern Baptist’s home in the middle of the Bible Belt in Oklahoma had instilled in me how wrong homosexuality was and how displeased God would be with me if I couldn’t get these thoughts out of my head. I took my hand out of my shorts and decided it would be easier if I tried to fight off these thoughts without my hand on my dick, and why had I given Oscar my phone number. It would be hard to not think about him if he called at some point. At that very moment, the phone rang and my heart skipped a beat. 

Oh Hello mom, How is it going? My mother replied that everything was going great and she and my father had just returned from an evening out with some of their friends at their church. Our phone call was short because my mother never had very much to say. Hey son, how ya doing? Okay, I didn’t want anything, I love ya, see ya soon. That was pretty much a phone call from my mother. My father was even worse. Hey son, your mother does not think you come over enough, okay, see ya soon. Yea he was a man of few words, but he held strong to his faith and raised me with a very stern hand. Dad was all about work, and church, that was pretty much his life. 

After my two-minute phone call with my mother, I sat back down in my chair and went back to checking out social media on my laptop. After a few more minutes on the computer and the assurance I had missed nothing important today, I went to the bathroom to piss and take a shower. While taking a piss, I found myself thinking of Oscar again and what had happened on the trail today. I could not shake my thoughts of Oscar. I finally put my dick back in my shorts and walked over to start the water in my walk-in shower. I dropped my shorts and stepped into the tile shower. I lived in a luxury apartment complex so the fixtures in the shower are amazing. There is a showerhead about 6 feet up on both the front and the back and a showerhead about crotch level on what I would consider the front of the shower. The lower shower head didn’t have the water pressure the upper ones did so it was more for massaging than showering. With the low pressure massaging my cock it was staying hard and I decided there was only one way to get rid of this freaking boner. I had to masturbate and I had to work really hard not to think about Oscar. My parents would disown me if they ever found out I acted on these kinds of thoughts or even had them to begin with. 

The water from the shower stung a little on the cuts on my legs but it was not unbearable. While in the shower I started stroking myself gently and it felt amazing. I would stroke the full length of my cock and when I got to the head I would give it a little twist to make sure I got all the sensitive parts on the head of my dick. I fought really hard to keep my mind off of Oscar but to no avail it was impossible so I let it in. I imagined him putting my cock in his mouth and using his tongue to swirl around on the head of my dick. It was only about five minutes before I could feel my balls tightening up and I knew I was close. A few more strokes of my cock and I tensed up all of my muscles and placed my free hand just under my balls to apply some much-needed pressure to allow me to shoot further and harder. I felt like my orgasm lasted a full minute even though it could have only been a few seconds, a chill rushed through my whole body from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet. I glanced down to notice there was cum all over my hand, my cock and dripping onto the shower floor. I sighed with relief and went back to washing my body. I soaped up my cock, my ass crack and up and down my legs and feet. I stepped out of the shower and moved into my bedroom for some much-needed rest. 

It was only a few minutes before I was fast asleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about Oscar and what he must look and feel like naked. I wanted to see him and was finding it harder with every thought to push it away but tried very hard due to my biblical raising and my parents’ disapproval of homosexuality. Sleep was pleasant and thankfully I didn’t have any vivid dreams because if I had it would be guaranteed I would wake up with a painful erection and possible cum in my shorts and all over the bed. I hadn’t had a wet dream in years and really was not interested in having one tonight since I had just changed my bed sheets yesterday.

New Book

I am getting much closer to releasing my new book. The book centers around a wedding planner who finds his Mr. Rights in some crazy places. For now check out my current book at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GQ1RGP5/ref=nodl_

If you would like me to read and review your book on my site, just send me a message. No Charge just one author to another giving feedback and helping promote each other.

An excerpt from my upcoming release: A Wedding to Plan

The grooms are usually pretty easy because they are dudes and don’t really give a damn how they look. Left up to the average groom in the weddings I plan, they would wear their work boots, a button-down shirt, and their cowboy hat. Not cool, guys, not cool. 

I called Andrew that evening when I arrived back at my apartment and spoke to him for a few minutes. We set up a meeting at the Tuxedo shop for the next morning at 10:00 am. That would give us plenty of time to get the Tuxedo’s in and make sure everything was correct. 

After another long day of wedding planning, I sat back on my couch and sighed. I need to smoke a bowl. See, in Oklahoma, medical marijuana is legal, and I have PTSD from something that happened to me when I was younger. I was molested by my uncle Jim on my father’s side. No, Jim’s touching me in my private areas did not turn me gay. Trust me, I was already thinking about boys in inappropriate ways. But I was not thinking of Jim’s ugly ass like that when he walked in on me in the tub and started bathing me. As a matter of fact, it scared me, and I couldn’t ask him to stop, because I was afraid he would hurt me. I pulled my secret box from the drawer in my coffee table and started making myself a bowl. I took about three hits and then I fell asleep. I am very sensitive to THC. 

I woke up at 9:00 am still wearing my clothes from yesterday, and went to take a shower. My morning was pretty well, like any other morning. I showered, dressed, drank coffee, and then headed to the Tuxedo store to meet Andrew and his friends. 

I arrived earlier than Andrew and his friends and took a seat on one of the couches in the fitting area and was talking shit with my friend James who works at the shop. A boy came to the counter and asked if Bradon was there, there was a partition so I could not see him, but I heard him and stood up. When I turned the corner around the partition, my mouth nearly hit the floor. 

I did my best not to make this awkward, but it appears I know Andrew from a few years back. From one of the bars downtown. 


I was sitting alone at the bar at the Eagle when a boy came up and introduced himself as Andy.

Broken Hearts Boys

Broken Hearts Boys centers around two men who meet on a bike trail and over time and through trials and errors they fall in love. Oscar and Tyler come from different backgrounds and find it a real challenge to work through thier differences but in the end love prevails.

Check out this ebook on Amazon for $2.99 or free if you are a Kindle unlimited subscriber. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GQ1RGP5/ref=nodl_

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